ASUS RT-92U Mesh trouble


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Hi, I have just bought a twin pack Asus rt-92u and I am experiencing some unexpected issues. The routers are about 30m apart and hard wired with the main router in the house and its sidekick in a log cabin. Smart connect is turned off because it interferes with some smart home devices which I need and the 3 router bands are individually identified so I can choose which I connect too. My issues are as follows:
WIFI 6 is only available close to the main router, and no WIFI 6 at all in the cabin.
I cant use any wired lan port in the cabin, no signal.
My modem supplies a 200mbps feed to the main router I more or less get full speed on the 5ghz band but only half on the 2.4 band, even at distance. and the same in the cabin.
Any ideas of why this stuff might be happening would be most appreciated.
Regards, Neil


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You need to change the 2.4g bandwidth to 40mhz. That should double the throughput.

I've never tried it as our neighborhood has a highly congested 2.4g space.


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I take it you have updated the firmware on both the router and node. - then reset them -- Then reconfigured them.

If you're not getting a signal by connecting a cable from the node to a client, the first thing I would look at is whether you plugged the cable from your router to the node in correctly. Next, if router and nodes are plugged into the correct ports, I would check the cable.

Next, did you set the second router under AI Mesh or AP mode? If you're running a wired backhaul, and 30 meters apart, you may want to configure it in AP. If you're in AI Mesh, make sure you enabled wired backhaul.

If none of that works, you can try switching the router and node to see if one is broken.

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