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Release ASUS RT-AX86 Series(RT-AX86U/RT-AX86S) Firmware version (15-05-2023)

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New Around Here
Firmware version

- Release Note -

New features:
- Built-in Surfshark in VPN Fusion allows you to surf the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere by encrypting connections. Please refer to https://asus.click/SurfsharkVPN
- iPhone/Android USB auto backup WAN allows you to connect your phone to the router's USB port and use it as an internet source. Please refer to https://asus.click/AutobackupWAN
- DDNS transfer allows you to transfer your ASUS DDNS hostname from your original router to the new one. Please refer to https://asus.click/ASUSDDNS

Bug fixes and functionality modifications:
- Resolved the issue with login and password changes.
- Resolved the IPSec VPN connection issues.
- Resolved the Instant Guard connection issues
- Fixed the AiCloud login issue after unplugging and plugging the HDD into the USB port.
- Fixed the issue where Traffic Analyzer sometimes couldn't record data.
- Fixed the time display issue for the preferred upgrade time in the Auto Firmware Upgrade function.
- Fine-tuned the description for port status.
- Enabled DynDNS and No-IP DDNS to use IPv6.
- Fixed AiMesh preferred AP identification in site survey results.
- Updated timezone list for Greenland, Mexico, and Iran.
- Modified the USB application option text in dual WAN.
- Allowed WireGuard Server clients to access the Samba server.
- Fixed memory leak issue.
- Enabled the failback function when using the iOS/Android USB backup WAN.
- The ARP response issue has been resolved, along with the connection issue between the router and the ROG Phone 6 and 7.
- Resolved the issue where the USB path is not displayed on the Media Server page in the AiMesh node

Security updates:
- Enabled and supported ECDSA certificates for Let's Encrypt.
- Enhanced protection for credentials.
- Enhanced protection for OTA firmware updates.
- Fixed DoS vulnerabilities in firewall configuration pages. Thanks to Jinghe Gao's contribution.
- Fixed DoS vulerabilities in httpd. Thanks to Howard McGreehan.
- Fixed information disclosure vulnerability. Thanks to Junxu (Hillstone Network Security Research Institute) contribution.
- Fixed CVE-2023-28702 and CVE-2023-28703. Thanks to Xingyu Xu(@tmotfl) contribution.
- Fixed null pointer dereference vulnerabilities. Thanks to Chengfeng Ye, Prism Research Group-cse hkust contribution.
- Fixed the cfg server vulnerability. Thanks to Swing and Wang Duo from Chaitin Security Research Lab.
- Fixed the vulnerability in the logmessage function. Thanks to Swing and Wang Duo from Chaitin Security Research Lab COss4ck from Bytedance Wuheng Lab, Feixincheng from X1cT34m.

Download link:
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I used my AX86U Pro router webUI to check/upgrade my AX86U node (not a manual upload since I did not have the link yet). When done, the router webUI continued flashing the 'new firmware available' alert despite it being installed on the node. I then removed (reset) and added back the AX86U node and configured it from scratch as I normally do. This cleared the flashing alert in the webUI.

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New features:
- Built-in Surfshark in VPN Fusion allows you to surf the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere by encrypting connections. Please refer to https://asus.click/SurfsharkVPN

Fixes are nice, but what new feature is this?
This is a straight advertisement in firmware. Like HMA before.

This is a straight advertisement in firmware.

... that is related to the introduction of a new firmware feature.

So, I noticed on this release, it was for the RT-AX86U only vs Series. Does this mean with the Pro model being out now, the S is being dropped? Usually when there is a firmware update the thread is labeled RT-AX86 Series. Was just curious.
What I see so far is Asuswrt configuration pages real estate offered for sale. Whoever pays gets it boosted by false advertising. Surfshark uses OpenVPN with option WireGuard like other similar services. This is not a different VPN type and not the only service promising "surf the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere by encrypting connections". I was happy to see HMA offer gone. The lost HMA "feature" was just replaced by another.

Does this mean with the Pro model being out now, the S is being dropped?

It doesn't mean anything. The Pro model is completely different hardware running different firmware. Unrelated to this firmware release. I don't even see the new firmware update on official support pages. Only in Asus App at the moment. This is the file name - FW_RT_AX86U_AX86S_300438823285.zip
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The update completed successfully.
Unfortunately, the AiProtection alert email still does not seem to work.
I will run it for a while to see if the problem of Trend Micro related functions stopping working in a few days has been fixed.
The update showed up for me through the web UI, which is the normal method I use to update. I have the app, but really don't use it. When I've looked at it, I just don't see the point. The only benefit it gives me is the device connection notifications.
As far as the S model question, I've seen it raised before on the forum whether, or not, it was going to continue to get long term support. So, since thread was was strictly dedicated to the one model, seemed like a good time to ask and find out.
good time to ask and find out

No one can predict the future. This is what we have for now:

RT-AX86U: Asuswrt-Official
RT-AX86S: Asuswrt-Official

From @ZANGIEF signature. Obviously this new firmware is for both RT-AX86U/S models as usual.
The same copy/paste GUI bugs like before:


(There is no DNSFilter in Asuswrt)


(DDNS works in multiple-NAT since external IP detection was added)


(Auto obviously allows 802.11ax devices as well on RT-AX86U)


(Allows custom upstream DNS servers as well, actually)

No attention to details and incorrect information for many firmware updates already.
updated through web GUI. everything seems fine at first glance.
@Tech9 Looks like you need another timeout to learn to be more courteous and less abrupt. Your attitude is bordering on toxic and not conducive to productive, non-defensive discussion.
@OzarkEdge Leave forum moderation to the mods.
@L&LD You really had to chime in? You know how it goes with @Tech9

I've cleaned up the thread. Going forward, please stay focused on the topic. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion. Limit comments about others' posts to corrections of FACT and clarification questions.
Updated early this morning, running fine. Granted my AX86U is in access point mode but nice to have it running a newer firmware similar to my AX6000.


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