ASUS rt66u when connecting / disconnecting wireless devices, the WAN connection is lost

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Hi all! I have an asus rt n66u router. Periodically, a problem arises: when connecting or disconnecting wireless devices, the connection to the Internet is lost and the router creates it again.
Can you please tell me what could be the problem? Firmware for asus-wrt Merlin 380.70


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screenshots of logs


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This is >3 years old firmware. I recall wireless drivers issues on RT-N(AC)66U routers. I would run much newer 382 code base Asuswrt on it. The latest release is from 06/2020. Other option is John's Asuswrt-Merlin fork, but it's based on even older code base. Has more recent security updates though.
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If I recall, 380.70 will not accept other firmware unless the windows based "rescue utility" is used or the "CFE mini web server" which is built into the router. I am unsure of the steps to access the web server.


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You can't downgrade to previous code base in GUI. Upgrading to newer Asuswrt is not a problem. If John's fork is the firmware of choice, then Firmware Restoration Tool is the only way. Same for FreshTomato. By the way, FreshTomato not only runs on this router, but with NAT acceleration support.

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