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asus zen wifi xt8 wired connection + motorola mb8611 slow speeds on 1gb plan?

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I've tested this scenario on a direct wire to my pc (2.5gbps) and i get really good performance at least for the 5 mins it was connected.. around 900-1100 mbps..

When i reconnect the zen wifi main router (2.5 gbps to modem and 2.5 gbps to pc), initially its decent around 900 mbps, then after about 3 mins the speeds drop to about 400 mbps to 550 at most.

I've tried unplugging all wired connections and shutting off wifi connected devices.. it really should be performing at around 900 due to the direct wire connection even though its via the router i think

Has anyone ran into this.. i had the same problem on the motorola 1gbps modem as well. Im not sure if this is a line issue or something odd with the zen wifi xt8? I've updated the firmware on the xt8 units as well.

Thanks in advance


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seems after another call to support, they did something on their end which fixed the issue, at least for now


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actually its not fixed, though it may be more of a router issue.. the qos xt8 speed test shows 1000 mbps, but now the standard internet test is still reporting 450-500

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