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AX3000 V2 Random WAN Disconnection Issue

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New Around Here
Over the past week I have been experiencing issues with random WAN disconnections. I am using the following equipment for my home internet connection:

Router: Asus TUF-AX3000 V2 (Firmware version

Modem: DrayTek Vigor166

The issue is occurring every couple of days but rebooting the router helps resolve the issue. In some cases, the WAN connection will be restored after a couple of minutes without a reboot. Most recently, it occurred last night and I noted the following when looking through the system log:

Jul 6 01:03:59 pppd[2580]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.
Jul 6 01:04:02 WAN Connection: Fail to connect with some issues.
Jul 6 01:04:05 pppd[2580]: Connection terminated.
Jul 6 01:04:05 pppd[2580]: Modem hangup
Jul 6 01:04:50 pppd[2580]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets

When the issue occurs, the WAN indicator on the Asus router turns red however the DrayTek modems DSL indicator light indicates that it is still connected to the internet. I have also gone into the DrayTek modem admin page and have not noted any interruptions in its uptime. As such, I don’t think the issue lies with the modem but seems to have something to do with the Asus router.

I have searched through the forum already and the following solutions for other people have not worked for me:

- I am unable to change the setting for “DHCP Query Frequency” within the WAN tab as this option is not listed.
- Network monitoring is disabled within the “Administration --> System” page.

Just wanted to make this post to see if anyone else has experienced this issue with Asus routers and if there is a potential fix.

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