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Solved 5Ghz not working on ASUS RT-AX3000 Mesh Node

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I have two ASUS RT-AX3000 routers, one in my Garage and one at the other end of the house which has been added into the AI Mesh. I have a wired connection using an ethernet backhaul.

I noticed recently that my internet was slow at the other end of the house. I looked at the ASUS Router App and could see that there were no clients connected to the AI Mesh Node. The App suggested that the performance was great but nothing was connecting. I tried to force a client connection to it, but the app was saying it would be slow and recommended against it.

I then reset my mesh node to factory settings and re-added it back into the network. Again no luck, no clients connecting.

I then used an app on my laptop Metageek (https://www.metageek.com) - inSSIDer to inspect my network to see if perhaps interference. It was at that point that I could see that my router in the Garage had two radios enabled 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. There was however just the 2.4Ghz radio available for the AI Mesh Node - No 5Ghz Radio!

Looking at the management settings for the AI Mesh, I could see the 5Ghz radio was enabled (see picture below).


1. Factory reset didn't fix my problem ( but I did it anyway try to solve the issue )
2. Firmware update didn't fix my problem ( but I did it anyway try to solve the issue )
3. What fixed my problem was disabling the 5 Ghz radio, and then re-enabling it.

Easy fix but took ages to work out the issue, lots of reboots, resets. You can see in the 5Ghz range I now have two radios, the stronger signal is from the AI Mesh Node. Prior to the fix the 5Ghz radio was not available even though it appeared to be enabled.

I hope this helps others with this issue.


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