AX3000 wifi6 on main 2.4 and not wifi6 for guest network


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I just got ax3000 and loaded merlin's fw. I have an original moto droid phone that I use as a nightstand clock with a docking station. I option for Wifi6 for 2.4 band but the original droid can't connect. I'm wondering if I can set up a 2.4 band guest network and disable Wifi 6 for it only.



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If you are using WPA2/WPA3-Personal set up a guest with just WPA2-Persoanl. I have some old clients that do not like WPA2/WPA3.


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my 2.4 is set up as WPA2 personal and my guest network is using WPA/WPA2-personal. If I disable 802.11ax / WiFi 6 mode then I can connect fine but I can't find that setting for a guest network.

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