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AX56U Upgrade Question

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Hi All,

I have a 1GB download connection with a 60MB upload connection, this is attached to my RT-AX56U. I don't use the Wifi functions of the router apart from locally within the very small office with 3 users.

While I haven't had any issues, is their any merit at all in upgrading the unit to a AX86U Pro (mainly for the 2.5GB connection for future proofing a NAS) I am also wanting to future proof any WAN to LAN throughout speeds.

I don't use VPN via the router but rather from my Mac directly, I don't use the unit for file sharing or anything else.

Thank you


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If it is just set up as router only, without any scripts or functions enabled, you can use it for your 1GB ISP line without issue. "Futur proof" in mind can be useful if you need to change now and are ready to invest a littre more for some "futur" functions. But for now your unit is ok so keep it and you will see later, when you needs change, for the same money you will buy a more "up to date" unit ;)


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IMO, you will not see much difference in terms of your Internet speed. However, if you eventually decide to use NAS extensively and your clients support 160Mhz, I think AX86U Pro will be a considerable upgrade.


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While I haven't had any issues

There is always something better, but if your current hardware covers your needs - keep using it until you need something better. Otherwise you invest in just in case only with no real performance benefits. When you need better hardware - what you look at now is perhaps going to be cheaper as well.

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