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Solved AX86U/S WLAN IoTs Guest wifi interactions

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Been trying to work out how to connect IoT devices on Guest network that allows to interact with main wifi to Airplay etc. Currently only have Samsung TV and Sonos Arc that requires this. Intranet access set to disable by default and on guest wifi 2 with subnet. How do you guys manage this for IoT devices on Guest Network. Guest network 1 is only for “visitors” and that is no problem. If there is no suggestion, I will have to try Yazfi but trying to avoid to many scripts.

Currently both routers (86S) for testing on 388.1 Merlin. AX86U dirty upgrade and AX86S with nuclear reset. AX86S has been running solid. Will factory reset my AX86U when I figured this out.

Thank you!

Edit: changed to WLAN from LAN. Nothing is connected for ethernet port
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I'm an idiot. Thank you @Jack Yaz was super easy with YazFi.

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