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AX88U QoS and how to reduce bufferbloat

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I've been using FlexQoS and set it up to prioritize gaming then streaming. I've followed some posts on how to properly set it up and it seemed to be fine but for some time now when I'm playing POE or Diablo 4 I get random high latency and it's described as a bufferbloat issue. I went to test it on waveform website and it graded it C. I've read posts where reducing the bandwidth suppose to improve it but that hasn't done much. I haven't changed to much of the settings in Flexqos besides the prioritizing and the bandwidth percentages.

I heard about the Cake option but haven't tried it yet, probably will try it to test but if I could get any suggestions it'd be greatly appreciated

I'm running Optimum fiber connection 300/300 Mbps and the latest merlin firmware.
Why not run CakeQOS and see if it fixes the issue first? In that way, you have a control measurement before digging in to Flex as well, in case you want to do that. Takes a minute to log in and switch it.

You are in the vicinity of the CPU limit of what CakeQOS can handle with your 300mbit internet connection (it's around 250mbit for non-pro AC/AX routers - and no, Cake doesn't support multi-threading).

But to my knowledge, Cake is considered better for most use-cases - at least if you factor in the flexibility of use-cases and the time investment required to set up Flex to be as good.
Well I switched to the Cake option and set my UL/DL to 250 Mb/s and upon testing the bufferbloat I did notice the DL latency was under +100ms (to which I was getting like +115 average under Flex) to around +60-80ms, which I consider still too high, and UL was roughly around the same to which that wasn't an improvement because I was getting +15-25ms on Flex. I lowered the bandwidth by 10Mbs till I got to 200 and didn't seem to improve anything still getting the C graded and the ms still around those same numbers I didn't want to go lower but I went ahead and dropped it to 150Mbs UL/DL and I'm seeing an improvement the latency was between +30-45 for both and I got a B grade but damn I would hate to go lower just to see if I get an A lol.

O should I have a number in MPU? I read where if you have fiber it should be like 84
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