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DNS Director VPN Priority

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I have read the info detailed here on DNS Director:

I see how the WAN rule can be applied to a specific IP to allow a client to Bypass the VPN. However, how would I direct a certain client down a PARTICULAR VPN? The purpose of this would be to set a perceived geographical location of a client, for example accessing a service that blocks incoming non-US connections.

So, let's say that I have my DNS Director rule already created for several Wireguard VPN lnterfaces (all traffic)
Rule 1 ---> DNS Director rule for VPN in Toronto (Running all traffic)
Rule 2 ---> DNS Director rule for VPN in Hong Kong
Rule 3 ---> DNS Director rule for VPN in Dallas (Running all traffic)
Rule 4 ---> DNS Director rule for VPN in Dallas (Running 1 IP only)

In this case, if I am using either Rule 1 or Rule 3 for all traffic... how can I insure that the 1 IP for Rule 4 is always on Dallas? Does the rule have to be entered into a specific sequence?
See the Priority section of the DNS Director wiki.


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