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Double nat & dhcp

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I’ve searched a bit last night, but…

So I’m asking.

Is there any way to set up a double nat, each router with its own dhcp server.

Maybe I’m not looking at the answer the right way.

Trying to make a second network to go through the first.
Both both devices into router mode. Each non their own subnet. Plug a ethernet cable from the wan port of the second router to a LAN port of the first router.
But won’t wolf routers respond to a request for a DHCP?

I’m thinking about the device that is behind the second router, the first router will see the request and they’re both going to respond with a lease.
No, because they're two different networks. DHCP only operates within it's local network. It doesn't extend to other networks.
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Ok, so you got curious with the static list comment. What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

Remember, in this setup, router 2 will be able to talk to clients on router 1, but router 1 will not be able to talk to clients on router 2 unless you turn off the firewall on router 2 and setup a static route on router 1.

If you have no need for the clients to talk with each other, no problem.
Umm what about the dhcp server.

Well, not both of them respond to a request on the network?

DHCP is broadcast and will not traverse a router without a special helper statement (which will not be in place on the Asus LAN to WAN).

As long as you don't connect the LANs together they will be isolated from a DHCP standpoint.

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