DSL-AC68U Aiprotection Web & apps filter screen gone / missing!

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Hello All
Just noticed that the screen in Aiprotection 'Web & App filter' screen, there is nothing there !!! See below
When I log into the router it is always in the off position, when I toggle it on nothing apperas underneath. The Time schedueling part of Aiprotection is allright.
Tried everything router reboot etc, have the latest firmware and signature software. 386.39648
Any ideas

Thanks again


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What I mean is that you flash over the existing firmware even though its the same firmware version?


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Yes, download the firmware from ASUS, unzip the file and flash manually. See if that brings it back.


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Brilliant, I will try that later on this evening. I'll post the result tomorrow.
Thanks again

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Firmware update did not work, I will follow the procedure stated in the link.
Will post result as soon as possible


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Did a factory re-set via the method below.

Pressed restore button and allowed it to go on for about 5 minutes.
When re-booted, I had to put in the items listed below.
SSID name
Password for the router
User name for the Broadband
Password for the Broadband
Re enter by DDNS address
Usual time schedueling & had to input all the Web & App filter
Updated the signature software
Firmware was the current one, I thought it would go back to the very earlist version!

AiProtection screen is now restored and everthing seems fine, will keep you posted.

Many thanks for the ideas of how to solve the problem.

One quick question, Is there a Merlin Firmware for the DSL-AC68U. ?
I could only find versions for the RT version



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Merlin doesn't make firmware for the DSL- models. But @GNUton has done a port of it:


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