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Mike S

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I have an RT-AC68P running Merlin Version 386.7. If I try to configure Guest Network 1 (both 2.4 and 5 G), it seems to work fine if I specify Authentication = Open. If I specify Authentication = WPA2-Personal, when I try to connect to the guest network from my Windows 10 laptop, I get a "Can't Connect to this Network" error.

If I configure Guest Network 2, it works just fine with Authentication = WPA2-Personal.

I really want to use Guest Network 1 so that the guest network works over my AI-Mesh Network.

What is really strange is that at my office, I have an RT-AC88U, also running Merlin 386.7 and the guest network is working just fine.



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Avoid guest #1 as much as possible. ASUS hacked it to support AiMesh, and now it has a lot of funky behavior that guests #2 and #3 don't suffer from.

Case and point, I have the RT-AC68U, and if I enable guest #1 w/ intranet access disabled, it reports "incorrect password" on my iPhone, presumably because the isolation can't be enforced due to AiMesh support. However, if I enable intranet access, it works just fine, since the lack of isolation is no longer an issue. IOW, this is ASUS's crude way to prevent you from getting into trouble.

Again, just stay away from guest #1 and you'll avoid a lot of problems.


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The funny thing is, if I connect two RT-AC68U units together in an AiMesh configuration as router and node. I'm experiencing the exact same thing with Guest Network #1 as you do.

However, if I switch out one RT-AC68U for an RT-AC86U. Then the Guest Network #1 work as advertised. That is an AiMesh configuration with an (RT-AC86U) as router and an (RT-AC68U) as node.

Perhaps the RT-AC68U is hampered by some kind of h/w limitation (like aged technology).


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Have you tried 'forgetting' the SSID on the device that can't connect, reboot it, then re-associate it again?


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It seems as this problem is the same as the one described in the included link, just phrased differently.


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