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Hi I currently have a Linksys WRT54G router. Upstairs I have 2 computer's which are both using a Linksys Wireless G adapter to connect to the internet. Both PC's are running Windows.

I will be receiving a Mac Pro computer on the 27th of March. In the process I would like to upgrade my router as well as the network adapters for faster speed. But first I need to know if I'm making the right purchase.

I was thinking of purchasing a Time Capsule to use as my router. I also have the option of getting an Airport Extreme or I could just upgrade to a newer Linksys Wireless N Router. If I purchased a Time Capsule then what wireless adapters would i need for my 2 computers upstairs to access the internet? Any help is greatly appreciated
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You can continue to use your existing 802.11g adapters with a draft 11n router. But to get a speed increase, you'll need draft 11n adapters.
Linksys WPC600N Dual-band Notebook (CardBus) card or Netgear WNDA3100 dual-band USB.
It would. But a USB adapter would get the antennas up from behind the box and let you move the adapter around to tweak signal level.
Netgear WNDA3100 dual-band USB adapter

Hi Tim,
Would you recommend this adapter? I didn't find a review on SNB, but I saw a lot of unhappy reviewers on Amazon.com, leading me to think this has to be a terrible dual-band adapter.
The original Rev A was fine. Don't know about the latest rev.

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