Help me pick AC or AX ?


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Hello all

Only these models are available in my country: RT-AC68Uv3, RT-AX56U and RT-AX82U.
I think the better choice is AX82, but it almost cost 50% more than AX56, so not sure if it worth spending that much.
My Internet speed is 300 Mb symmetrical and my devices are mainly AC, with one AX.


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Well, it is what you need. The AX82U has 4x4 5 GHz radios and a tri-core processor while the AX56U has 2x2 5 GHz radios and a quad-core processor. The AX56U may be a good starting point if cost is a factor. AX would future proof things for you. The AX56U is supported by Merlin firmware if you want more features. In the end it is your call.


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Change the terminology (as needed) in the links above for AC vs. AX and I believe the benefits of the newer hardware are almost always worth the extra cost. Particularly if you don't upgrade router equipment yearly.

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I feel that you don't have access to the routers in the link above, but do you need to buy a new router today? If you don't, I would wait for one of the suggested models in the link instead.

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