Diversion Help - need help with Diversion and Whatsapp & Signal issues please


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I hope you might be able to help.

I have the AC86u.

Merlin FM ( thank you Merlin :) )

Also, using Skynet.

WA is connecting and disconnecting frequently.

(I am using the standard list & have whitelisted known the main WA domains.)

Signal connection is fine but sending media (image etc) does not work.

It was working fine prior to this.

I have whitelisted the known signal domains.

I don't believe it would be Skynet as that is a FW?

So, Diversion? What am I doing wrong?

Any ideas gratefully received.



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Allow *.whispersystems.org, *.signal.org, TCP port 443, and UDP traffic. If you have a transparent or reverse proxy it needs to support WebSockets. Signal uses a non-standard TCP port to catch filtering issues at the signaling step and also utilizes a random UDP port. All UDP ports will need to be opened. The underlying IPs are constantly changing, so it'd be hard to define accurate firewall rules.

Thank you.


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Disable Diversion - test. Disable Skynet - test again. It may point you to which one is blocking something you need.


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Same issue here. Disabled all and then tested one by one (only skynet, only unbound, only diversion installed), result is Diversion somehow block WA to work properly. Any suggestion though ?


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Maybe this can help you:


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Maybe this can help you:
Thank you. But i believe the issue with Google Push services, i also cant receive messages on WA after a while it is closed on the phone. Research with uiDivstatus doesn't help a lot to discover. Incoming messages are failed to appear until apps opened on the phone. Web application saying no internet connection with phone...


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Just follow your quoted post and found frequently blocked domain: app-measurement.com
reading the net found this domain is responsible for push services. whitelisted and deleted from blacklist. will see.

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