Hidden txt files on smb shares


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I'm seeing hidden .txt files on every samba windows share I have like:

and for every user I add, more txt files. Even if I delete them they get recreated on every reboot. Where do they come from (samba service?) and how can I permanently delete them? Is it safe?


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Don't delete those files. They are used by the firmware to store the information about the ftp/smb users and folder permissions.


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Can someone explain the logic in the format for these files

I am going to assume the .___var.txt is the default permissions for any new user??
my .___var.txt looks like this:

what are the numbers for?

From what I can tell:
The first number is the SAMBA share level
The next is the FTP share level

0 = NO
1 = R
2 = W
3 = R/W

Am I close??

and SAMBA cannot use 2 as a value

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