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Local DNS with Wireguard


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Hello, I'm trying to use my local router DNS "" in client WG configuration. Unfortunately , I'm unable to have a connection if I change the DNS. However, with 3rd party DNS such as and the client works fine.

I tried to add the local DNS in allowed IP and had the same result. Any idea what could I be missing?



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I've not worked w/ WG before. But if it's like other VPNs, if you want access to the local DNS server by your VPN clients, you have to add the VPN's network interface to DNSMasq before it will listen for DNS queries from anything other than the default network (br0).

IOW, in the above example, I've told DNSMasq to listen for DNS queries from the OpenVPN client's network interface(s). I have no idea the naming convention used by WG, but the idea is the same.

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