Preventing one device in the network to connect to several DNS names


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Hi everyone,
is there a way in the most recent Asus Merlin to prevent one certain device (e.g. with a certain MAC or a certain IP) from connection to some DNS names (e.g.,, ideally also with wildcards for subdomains).
I brielfy checked the possibilities in the admin panel, but couldn't find anything suitable. Either the device is blocked completely from Internet with parental control or certain DNS names can be blocked for the entire network (which should not be the case).
Obviously there is a way to setup a custom DNS server and use it for this one device, but maybe there are also built-in ways how to accomplish it.
Many thanks!


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Maybe this


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Traditional DNS does NOT distinguish among clients that access it, either by MAC address or source IP. It's an equal opportunity service. The only way to get what you want is to establish a DNS server of your own (e.g., pihole) that blocks access to those domains (FOR ALL) and assign that DNS server to those clients you want blocked.

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