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rt-ac68u bizzare traffic graph spikes and Network Map Client list bug? (Screencaps included)

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Recently updated FW to 386.7_2 and did factory reset with reset button on the rt-ac68u. I've noticed 2 odd things that were not present in the last FW I was using.

First, in regards to the traffic monitor I am on a 1gbit symmetrical Fiber connection. Since the new FW I am getting bizzare timed spikes in the traffic graph way beyond what my connection is capable of. When starting a usenet dl it starts normal around 90 MB/s but then after a few seconds spikes to over 1123 MB/s. Over a sustained download it does this every 35 secs or so at the exact same time. This spike only shows on the wired traffic graph. The wan graph will adjust the scale but not show the spikes. I will include some screencaps so you can see exactly what's happeneing. (this being my first post I'm not sure how or if extrenal picture hotlinking is allowed)

The first screencap shows the graph starting out normally in wan graph

The second cap shows the graph starting out normally in wired graph

The third cap shows a sustained dl on the wan graph where the scale adjusts to way beyond my connection limit

The forth cap shows the bizzare spikes in speed on the wired graph at exact timed intervals. Notice how they don't show on the previous wan graph.

Also notice the total MB downloaded is doubled on the wired graph compared to the wan graph. This only started happening after upgrading to newest FW. It sure looks like some kinda bug but I see no other reports of this happening to anyone. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this bizarre thing with the traffic monitor.

Also another issue I noticed with the new FW is in the Network Map client list section. When opening the client list it starts out showing all connected clients but then after a few secs refreshes itself and comes back with random list showing only 2 clients out of 9 then refreshes and adds a 3rd client. It constantly refreshes with random results never settling on the actual number of clients I have connected. I think this is also some kinda bug.

Thanks for all your interest and reading my post and offering any advice.
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Not sure what the "reset" button actually clears on the RT-AC68U (I know it is described here somewher in a post by Merlin), but for a true "factory reset" you turn it off, then hold the WPS button while turning the router On. Keep holding the WPS until the power LED starts flashing - about 20 seconds after power is turned on. So you might try that to be sure you are resetting it cleanly.
The network map has been a total mess for years Asus has never bothered to fix it.
Interesting det721, I was running an older fw before being exploited, specifically 380.65_4 and the netowrk map and client list as well as the traffic graph didn't have these issues. They worked as they should on that fw.

I guess I could try the wps reset procedure Ronald. Just not looking forward to re-entering all settings again. Using the reset button def. fixed a speed issue and low nvram. I'm sure it cleared the nvram and started fresh.
This router (and all AC68U variants) has a bug in Traffic Monitor. It was fixed by RMerlin in 384 code firmware, but it's back on 386 code.

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