RT-Ax82u slow downs devices behind 1gb switch

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New Around Here
I just recently replaced old asus router to new one.
I have internet 500mb/s
I need urgent help from experts from SNB.
So i have RT-AX82u .Every device connected stright to the router works with full speed.
Problem is when i got 1gb switch between router and devices.(with 100mb switch it works fine)
so i tested two 1GB switches and old router used as switch. Every devices connected to the 1gb switch that is not a normal pc or laptop got its wired connection reduced 4 times. examples.
Internet tv streamer had internet speed of 60mb/s now it got 14mb/s, behind 1gb switch.when connected directly to route it is still 60mb
new sony tv had like 90mb/s speed now it is 30mb/s behind 1gb switch. when connected directly to router it is still 90mb/s
I got also access point behind switch and phone connected wirelessly to it had like 100mb/s speed now it is only 20mb/s
Funy thing is that when im changing 1gb switch to 100mb switch the problem goes away.
Any idea where the problem lies and what to do???
Cable double ,tripple tested and also with network tester.Also pc connected to switch is easly achieving 500mb/s internet speed.
Hope someone got any idea what is happening

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