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RT-AX82U Will not mount new 128GB SD card

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New Around Here
I've been using a 64GB SD Card and wanted to get some more space. The router sees it, Disk check from router interface says it's good....tried FAT32 & NTFS.

THE PROBLEM IS when I go to mount it and created a Folder I get a spinning circle (circle of death) and it never stops.......

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help!
What adaptor are you using to get the SD card connected to the router?
Samsung USB 3 (New Pro Plus MicroSD/Reader) but I figured out the problem....

From the router home page I clicked on the USB 3 (forgot what I did at that point) but then I would go to the "USB Application" and when trying to create a folder I would get the spinning circle.
Finally after ejecting the sd card and looking at it on my PC, I connected it to the router and went directly to the "USB Application", hit the plus on the sd card and created the folder!
Everything is ok now.....I guess I was leaving something hanging in process when I went to the USB 3 Icon when I was trying to start the process.

All is good but thanks for the reply!

Have a great day and stay safe and stay well!

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