RT-AX86U 5GHZ issue?


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Hi Everyone,

I'm not that really tech savvy but I understand some basic networking stuff. Earlier, I've experienced something weird when using my iPhone11 (5ghz) while browsing the net.
I wasn't able to load all webpages. I checked if I could do a ping from my phone to the router and but had RTO as a result. What I did is I disabled my iPhone's wifi and reconnected to it again and was able to communicate with my router and the internet as well.

Timestamp: Jan 11 02:25:33

I got curious about what happened as I just bought my router 1 week ago but can't totally understand the logs that I am seeing right now. I saw a couple of similar logs in this forum but their firmware was the last one before (my current firmware)
Just wondering if someone could help me check the logs attached to find the root cause of this issue.

Thank you!


  • rt-ax86u.txt
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