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ssh quiet ?

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Is there a quiet option, when using ssh from my router (merlin) to my Mac @home, (all LAN) ? I already have automatic ssh working from the router to the Mac (key based, without password and no user interaction needed). Thanks to @JDB for the Merlin router <> AiMesh router help. It was invaluable on the Mac setup.

I am adding some logging to a custom file synced via my Dropbox account. I have had bad results trying to use the ASUS Dropbox syncing. So, I am sending "my script" logging to my always on Mac, w/ Dropbox. I am much happier, and have logging, available when I travel. I know maybe reinventing the wheel, but its been a great learn for me, except for this.

I want to silence the "Host IP key accepted unconditionally" "(....fingerprint ........)" portion, after a section of the script runs. If it's possible ?

This is what I am using. *Generic code idea used to create a very early version of my script. My actual code is working every time.

echo "$DATE LEDs on." | ssh -y -i /jffs/configs/.ssh/id_rsa USER@STATICIP "  \
"cat >> /Users/MYUSER/Dropbox/Shared/test.txt"

echo "$DATE LEDs on." | $MACSSH "cat >> "$MBUL1""

I tried -q with no success (illegal option or similar error), maybe someone has an idea? My Google fu is failing me.

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