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TUF-AX5400 Wifi dropping

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Hi guys, I noticed a wi-fi connection dropping from time to time - it happened just few minutes ago again, and this i found in the log:

Is there anyone who can maybe explain what is going on?

My router's firmware is - 388.2_2_0-gnuton1. A while ago i set it up the way it automaticaly restarts in the middle of the night - two times per week, just to make sure that ther will be no memory leak issue.
Smart connect is disabled, the rest of the settings are pretty much by default.

Thank you
My router's firmware is - 388.2_2_0-gnuton1

I have the same router, and while running this firmware devices would randomly drop off both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. While I didn't check the logs, I reflashed the firmware followed by a factory reset several times over, and like you I ended up having the router reboot twice a week in the middle of the night to maintain a semblance of stability. Smart Connect was disabled as well.

In the end, I reflashed the current Asus firmware which has proven much more stable. Smart Connect remains disabled. I still have the router automatically rebooting once a week, mostly out of habit. Just a data point for your consideration.

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