Ugrading RT-AC68U from Merlin 380.65 to 384.17?

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Hi all,

it's been a while since I updated the firmware on my router. It's an RT-AC68U that is currently running Merlin 380.65.

Is the update to 384.17 straightforward? Or does it require a factory reset etc?



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Update to 384.17, then factory reset and reconfigure afterwards. Don't restore from a backup either.


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Ah, so a reset is required?

I'll have to save/make note of the current settings then so I can re-enter them by hand afterwards.



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Go for the rset that is a big jump in FW


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@Peter_B I suggest you save your notes but do not necessarily re-enter them (even by hand) afterward.

Many changes since that firmware was released, to what is normal now for an up-to-date network/router. 'Blindly' putting in old settings just because they worked so long ago doesn't make sense.

I suggest having a look at the M&M Config guide found in the link in my signature below and use those best practice 'defaults' to begin with. Add anything you need one feature at a time making sure you are testing at each step (including a reboot of the router and the clients too) to ensure all is working as you expect and need.

Welcome to 2020! :)


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