Unknown login, seen on my ASUS RT AC68U with asuswrt-merlin.

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I have a subnet with a pair of Nanobeam NBE-5AC-16. At the other end of the nanobeams I have an ubnt simple router (Ubiquiti airGateway LR 2) with a subnet. Normally my asus router with the nanobeam connected shows every clients in the network including those connected to the subnet in the other end of the nanobeam connection. The subnet has a different password.

But the last days I have seen several unknown login. I found that these came from visitors who couldn't know my password. The units were iphone and ipad and laptops showing in asus traffic analyzer. The ordinary users the visitors met, could not know the password as I have made a new password after giving them a quite different and new wifi broadband totally divided from the asus.

Digging deeper It seems that the visitors units has been synchronising. Is it possible that this can be the reason and that they therefore are accepted on the subnet.

I am aware of that the problem possibly come from the airGateway, but as I find no forum I’ll give it a try here. But may be synchronising is a well known backdoor?


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I just had a new example. A friend who hadn't been here since last summer visited me and before I should give him my new password, he could login automatic with his iphone without been asked for password. How can this happen?

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