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Vpn and 386.10 merlin asus ac86u

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Hi everyone
i installed asus merlin 386.10 on my ac86u, mainly to improve services like geforce now in wifi. i have a gigabit ftth connection. however, if I load this firmware, I have problems with video calls on my work notebook. this connects to a company VPN, but occasionally they freeze for a few seconds and restart. with the original firmware it never happens. I state that I have not tested other merlin firmware beyond 386.10. what could it depend on? Thank you
i installed asus merlin 386.10 on my ac86u,

Did you do a factory reset after installing 386.10? If not, that would be the first thing I'd try. To be clear, when changing firmware's you do the factory reset after installing the new firmware, not before.

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