Zen WiFi AX Mini XD4 Firmware and SONOS, Fire Tablet


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I discovered after updating my XD4 system to firmware version that I ran into issues with some clients:
- Completely broke Sonos system -- was unable to reset and re-join them to WiFi them on that firmware version
- We ran into some issues where an Amazon Fire tablet continuously would report no network connection until forget and re-join network.

I ended up downgrading to and everything went back to normal.

I'm aware of the WiFi 6 compatibility article -- from that article, I've always had SmartConnect enabled and 802.11ax/WiFi6 mode enabled, and have disabled WiFi Agile Multiband and Target Wake Time. Protected Management frames is set to "Capable", and all of our devices play nicely with those.

Figured I'd put this out there if anyone else ran into this.


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I have the same system. Just curious as to why you have WiFi Agile Multiband and Target Wake Time disabled. Not trying to debate with you on that im just very curious.


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Ah gotcha ok. I was running into the same problems with my security cameras not streaming video when I had wifi 6 enabled. I guess wifi 6 on the 5ghz band affects the 2.4ghz as well. So I just ended up grabbing my old netgear wifi extender & just ran it in AP mode for 2.4ghz band.

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