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2.5G Wan not working (Asus RT-AX86U)

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Question: i'm not getting any internet from my 2.5G wan-port. Hoping you can help.

Here's my setup:
I'm on a fiber-connection (2GB/s), with a Huawei ONT (fiber to ethernet converter) connected to my Asus RT-AX86U using the latest Merlin firmware.
VLAN is set correct, Huawei has a 10g ethernetport. So... ready to go.

Setup is: Dual-Wan switched on, 2.5G port = primary wan, 1g port = secondary wan. Like this:

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-20 om 19.37.20.png

In WAN-settings i have wan-port switched to 2.5G. Like this:
Schermafbeelding 2023-09-20 om 19.37.40.png

But: No internet when I connect the Huawei to the 2.5G port.
When i attach my Huawei ONT to the 1g port, it all works perfect.......
What am i doing wrong?

Any help appreciated.
Your settings are confusing. Do you have two broadband lines you are trying to connect for Dual WAN? If not and all you have is a single broadband line (the fiber ONT), then connect the ONT to the 2.5GB port, set Dual WAN to OFF, and set Primary WAN to 2.5 WAN and apply/save the settings. Then check if you can get internet access.

[Wireless Router] How to set 2.5G port as WAN type?
You answer, was the solution.
I was tricked by an explanation on the Asus-website, that stated that i HAD to turn dual-wan on.
After switching it off, and selecting the 2.5g-Wan port, it all works.


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