2 ac68u routers with different signal strength sitting next to each other?


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I have had my AC68u running flawlessly for years. It is on FW 380.68.
I setup a 2nd AC68U to run VPN clients on. It is running FW 384.19 defaults.

Both are sitting right next to each other but the 2nd has worse signal strength. My chromebook 55 signal strength vs 37 on the 5g networks.
I would think the latest firmware would have better signal strength but that is not the case for me.
How can I improve the signal on the second router and begin to trouble shoot this?
Both routers have pretty much the defaults in them.

thanks haeffnkr


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The laws around RF changed between the 380.xx firmware base and anything more current. I don't think you can 'fix' this, directly.

What control channels are the routers on for each band? Have you tried different control channels to see which gives the best performance, overall, in your Wi-Fi environment?


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thanks for the help!!!

I rolled back to 380.68.4 and it is way better. I need to play with the control channels now. Any good chromebook or linux apps to analyze the wifi and select the channel?

thanks again haeffnkr


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You'd be much better off to flash the latest firmware available to get a much more secure router today.

After flashing to the firmware you want, the following is recommended to ensure that the router will use the firmware's defaults as expected. This will put your router in a good/known state.

Update/Reset Mini Guide

You can use the links below to set up the control channels as quickly as possible for your wireless network environment.

Control Channel Set up https://www.snbforums.com/threads/a...details-in-the-description.55582/#post-472051

Control Channel Setup 2 https://www.snbforums.com/threads/very-slow-on-2-4ghz.26942/#post-205456


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You might try Johns Fork for the AC68U. Up to date with security and older wifi drivers.

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