Addition to ASUS mesh system for better range/coverage.


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I currently have 3 ASUS RT AC-68U in a mesh system with wired backbone.
It works well, but I could use some extra coverage on certain spots, and some better range out to the garden.
It's a 300 year old house with thick walls that effectively blocks WiFi signals, that's why 3 units aren't really enough.
I don't have any neighbors, so there's no interference.

The new unit would only serve as a mesh node, so it feels a bit overkill to buy the latest & greatest (most expensive) router.
On the other hand, I want as much range as possible.
Unfortunately, the placement of the main unit is not well suited to provide the needed coverage.

Should I go ahead and buy an RT AX-86U anyway, or would something like a RT AX-55 be enough?


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