AI mesh support for low end routers

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Hello, I am a recent owner of an RT-AC86U, purchased it to get better coverage for my 1500sqft house but unfortunately due to thick brick walls I get dead zones in some areas. I would like to extend my range by investing in an AI mesh system. I would like to know if lower end routers like the RT-AC750L or RT-AC53 would work as an Aimesh node with the RT-AC86U?. I cannot see these routers listed as Aimesh compatible in the asus website but I heard that some older routers now support Aimesh with a firmware update so i was curious to know if i could use these routers with my main router to get Aimesh. I really do not have a budget to spend on another 86u or anything on the same range as that, so i am looking for the cheapest router that supports Aimesh. I`d appreciate if anyone can help me out!..


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Ah, the RT-AX55 is not a very cheap router here in India where i live unfortunately!. I can see that the RT-AC59U V2 supports Aimesh as advertised on the main page on the asus website, but when i go to the spec it says neither Aimesh primary or Aimesh node is supported so I am a bit confused whether it actually supports atleast Aimesh node operation or not.. If it does support it then this will be the cheapest router in my country that would support Aimesh


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just ask Asus about it. I see even on yt they show how to configure AiMesh at this router
in Poland it is more expensive than AX55U - even that RT-AC59U V2 has a lot worst spec.


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You can find cheap stuffs online. Look for cheap used AC68Us and AC86Us in your area. I was able to buy used AC86U and AC68U on our local online market for 20 USD each on separate occasions. The AC86U I got doesn't have any antennas. The AC68U doesn't came with antenna and power adapter. I bought replacement dual band antennas for both and a replacement power adapter for the AC68u for 8 USD. I flash Merlin on both routers and they're all properly working. I already have an AC68U as my main router few years back and was always looking forward having Ai-mesh integrated in my home. Now mission complete and my main router is the AC86U and the 2 AC68Us are now my mesh nodes. :):)


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The cheapest way for you is to use an RP-AC55. Less than $50.00 in the US. They are AiMesh capable

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Mesh won't extend your range. A repeater provides the same performance (depending on the model) as a mesh system and a wide variety of routers by different manufacturers have that capability.

The 2.4 band has better range than the 5GHz band. Aftermarket antennas can be used to boost signal strength if the router has replacable antennas.

Also experiment with router placement and antenna orientation.

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