Asus RT-AC86U causing high ping whilst gaming.


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hi all

so I've been noticing on online gaming (playstation/pc) occasionally , every 30mins, getting high pings. The game would become completely unplayable for about 20-30secs.

I have a cable modem in modem mode connected to an new Asus RT-AC86U router which is then connected to three network switches and a mesh network with 3 pod

I've tried running ping monitor checking on my phone connected to the Asus WiFi and it shows high pings at the same time as the gaming is showing high ping, even though the playstation is via cat 6 ethernet cable.

I removed the Asus router and went back to the cable modem in router mode and then everything is fine. I`ve tried the Qos settings in the Asus router and tried limiting bandwidth for any devices that are using alot but just doesnt seem to be stable.

Any ideas what could be wrong at all?

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