Asus XD4 (zenwifi XD4) on AC88U

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mekabe remain

Regular Contributor

I have a AC88U router and 1 Lyra Mini connected as AiMesh node. That's covering most of my home. but in one room I have very weak coverage.
So I want to add another AiMesh node.

On the other hand, I want to have Wifi 6 and don't prefer to buy another old protocol node.

I saw the XD4 (Asus Zenwifi Mini) with Wifi 6.

It seems a nice replacement to Lyra mini and it brings Wifi 6, if I read correct.

My question is, "Can I add this to my AC88U , and manage it as a part of my AiMesh ?"
If that is possible, my mesh will have 1 AC88U and 3 XD4 , so main router does not have Wifi 6 connectivity.
What happens in such case ?
Shall I be able to use Wifi 6 (AX bands) ?


Regular Contributor
It does look interesting. Where can you buy just one to add to an existing aimesh setup?

mekabe remain

Regular Contributor
I just got my set of Zenwifi mini (XD4)
I connected them as 3 nodes to my Aimesh managed by AC88U

Now I wonder:
1. Shall I be able to use Wifi 6 (or AX) features of Zenwifi mini ? (how can I test it?)
2. On the Asus Router app , I see my Wifi6 client (Note 10 plus phone) connected with 5Ghz interface. Is this normal ? How does the real Wifi 6 nodes show ?
3. Is there a way to differenciate on Samsung Note 10 plus , Wifi 6 (AX) from AC ?
4. I connected all nodes via ethernet. Is it possible to understand the quality of connection ?

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