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Can you recommend me a new aimesh node for my setup?

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Hi, my current setup is as follows (all in AP mode, connected to Omada router)…

Main unit is an AX88U with 3 XD4’s as nodes. 2 are wired backhaul, 1 is wireless backhaul (in my garage) that uses one of the other XD4’s.

One of the XD4’s is dead and needs to be replaced.

I’m thinking of getting something better than an XD4, and eventually replacing all (good devices, punch above their weight, but the range is average and I have large house).

So I need something that does good wired backhaul, but can also be a good backhaul for a completely wireless node to use.

I was thinking of the XT9?
Omada router will do better with Omada APs, Controller and PoE switch. Why you dig deeper in consumer AiMesh? You have wired and wireless mesh options with Omada APs plus native VLAN support, plus PoE power, plus ceiling, wall plate and outdoor AP options. I see no point of this mix. Build an entire Omada system or stay with consumer products using your AX88U as main router.

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