AX58U 386.1 causes Sonos disconnections

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First thank you to Merlin for building such an amazing platform. This is my first post here so I apologize. I searched the forum but didn't find a solution.

I have an AX58U that was running 384.19 perfectly. I originally switched to merlin because stock Asus WRT was causing connection issues with my 2 Sonos One Speakers.
I really needed the wifi radar tool to choose a clear channel.

Last week I upgraded to 386.1 and immediately started experiencing the same connection issues with my Sonos speakers. Did a wifi scan, everything was perfect but still didn't work.

I rolled back to 384.19 and everything started working perfectly again.

Any insights?

Thank you!


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Is your Sonos system running on Sonos net or on your wifi network? In your Sonos App go to Settings-System-About my system, and check the WM number for each speaker WM:0 means you are on Sonos net. It is likely that with 2 ones you're in WM:1 mode. In which case your stability may improve if you can hard wire one of the speakers and switch to WM:0. You may then want to move the Sonos net channel away from your 2GHz network.


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It's running on my WiFi network. Was having the same issue with one speaker plugged in and on WM:0.

Just reset to factory settings, reflashed to original firmware, and now reinstalled 386.1.

Seems to working ok for now.

Thanks for the input @sarmenator!


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Glad you figured it out. For what it’s worth, my Sonos system has been running fine in WM:0 mode with my AC68U on 386.1 so far. It does crap out sometimes because of diversion blocking some of its dns calls but otherwise fine.

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