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Mr. Boniato

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I have an RT-AC86U router on Merlin v386.11. I've used Cake to balance the bandwidth and it's been working great. I am only on 50/10 speeds.
I play online games and some of the game launchers hog all the bandwidth every time the games update.

The Router's QoS settings have no effect on them at all.
The only way I can control the bandwidth on these apps is by using a 3rd party app like "Limiter".

Cake QoS works great for every device including my PC, but for some reason it has no effect on these apps which reside in my PC.
My question is.. how come the QoS settings from the Router have no effect at all, but a 3rd party app does?
Can anyone tell me why this is and what I can do to limit its bandwidth without having to pay for a 3rd party app?

Thanks in advance.
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