Can't update it's ip or can't delete it's ip messages in log and random disconnects on Apple devices


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Hi All,

I've been getting those "can't update it's ip" and "can't delete it's ip" messages for some time on my AiMesh setup (AX88\AX86, previously AX88\AC86 and AC86\AC66) and also some dropouts randomly on Apple phone\tablet devices (the rest of the devices on my network have been fine) but when I checked the MAC addresses on the phones\tablet it didn't always match the one on the error log so I didn't focus on just Apple. I've been trying to figure out this error for ages and while it didn't look to be causing any problems directly with the router itself it seemed to coincide with the internet dropping out sometimes on an Apple device for a few seconds (usually interrupting the daughters friends video chat or music streaming) and upon checking it always seemed to match an Apple device by chance or if not it didn't relate to anything else currently visible on the network.

Now finally i've seemingly got rid of them at last, all seems to be caused by Apple and it's use of dynamic privacy MAC addresses for everything these days (at least you can switch it off though for specific SSID's). Once I disabled the private setting in the wifi network settings for my specific home SSID on the Apple devices no more dropouts (so far) and no more can't update or delete ip messages in the logs.

Not sure if this has been already covered but didn't spot anything on searches relating to this as a possible fix so thought worth a mention at least.

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