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Deco or Asus Mesh

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Need an advice choosing between Asus ZenWifi XD5 and TP-Link X55 3 units for a family member.
2 units will be connected through the first and second floor with wired backhaul and the third unit need to be connected wireless for now.
Area about 2,000sqft and isp plan is 600/100. currently they have some generic devices from the ISP that they pay monthly for and that are not that good.
Their budget is around 200$.
Yes i advised getting couple routers might be a better solution but that would be much more expensive (living in the middle east) and they need something that is small sized since it will be in a very visible area.
Is there any known big benefit or Pros and Cons between the ZenWifi and TP-Link? Any clue if both can run Wired + Wireless at the same time?

Much appreciate for any answers :)
Three of anything sounds like too much wifi for 2 level 1000 sq ft per level.
What is the construction of the floor and interior walls ?
Is this a high rise apartment or a small house in a compound ?
western style construction or typical all concrete ?

A single AX wireless router centrally placed may be enough if that is possible depending on the construction.

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