EdgeRouter Pro setup question

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New Around Here
Hello SNB - tomorrow, I’m replacing my RT-AC3200 with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P and UAP-AC-PRO access point, and need advice on setup/config. Here’s what I’ve been working with:

-Single story house, 3,000 sq ft, lathe and plaster construction
-ISP: AT&T Fiber symmetrical gigabit
-ONT feeds an AT&T “modem” that basically acts as an authentication dongle/paperweight

Already have:
-Ubi UAP-AC-PRO servicing north end/guest house
-Ubi UAP-AC-LR servicing southern end/patio/etc
-Main router (currently ASUS) servicing middle of house
-A few unmanaged switches

-3 Nest Outdoor Cameras streaming 1080p 24/7
-Nest thermostat and Nest Protect smoke alarms
-Rokus streaming 4K all over the place
-Self-monitored Abode security system
-PLEX server
-WiFi laser printer
-Weather station on the roof for WUnderground
-Tons of Z-Wave home automation
-Desktop via Ethernet, 2 laptops, 2 iPads, 4 phones
-Cellular dead zone

...you get the idea.

I’ve had the AC3200 since it was released, and am running Merlin, but lately there have been mysteries that no amount of troubleshooting or factory resetting/reflashing could cure. I’m sure there’s a solution, but I work from home, and we have AirBnB guests pretty much every day (and no cable TV) so reliability is important. And I think getting 4 years out of a consumer router is good enough. :)

My question is this: with top priorities being stability/reliability, throughput, and bufferbloat, is there anything special I should do to maximize this router? For example, an alternative firmware?

Related question: were I to buy a static IP from AT&T, does anyone know of a resource to help me eliminate the modem and just go straight ONT -> EdgeRouter?

Thank you so much!!
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