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[Issue] Flashing With Merlin Fork GNUton 3004.388.4_0 on Zen Wifi XT8

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I am having a bit of an issue when trying to flash my Zen Wifi XT8 with the v3004.388.4_0 firmware from GNUton. When I try and flash the router, I get the "Please Wait, Applying Settings..." pop up, and it freezes there. The loading popup never appears and the status light on the front of the router never changes from white.
I tried resetting the router to factory default before flashing, and get the same scenario. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
Sorry, it's been awhile since I flashed to GNUton's v3004.388.4_0, so I can't remember if that happened. When you get the "Please Wait, Applying Settings" message, did you try just rebooting the router, after few minutes? And then check to see if the flashing was successful. (But I don't really know anything about this stuff, I just happen to have that router, running the GNUton software.)
It's been a while. I'd guess that either he eventually got the flash to take or has a version 2 model.

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