Lan data transfer speed question

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Hey guys (and gals)

Newbee here with a strange question that i am not really sure how to ask properly.. so i just start at the beginning

i personally had a HD raid1 issue which cause me to connect a degraded raid1 drive into an usb 3 external case, connect it to my Laptop (Dell XPS with POP-OS 20-10 Linux) which is connected via wifi 5 to my router.
The router is connected to my Nas (asustor 6604t) via gigabit ports on the router side and 2,5 Giabit on the nas side, connected through a cat7 Lan cable.
I reached a Data transfer rate of 40MB/s with this setup.

Now i need to do a similar thing for a friend but with a different setup.
Nas 1 (WD mycloud ex2 ultra) through a zyxel VMG8825-t50 modem/router to Nas 2 (asustor 6102t), all of these have gigbit Ports.
The copy command is given through my Pop-os laptop, connected through teamviewer to a win10 pc connected to the zyxel router, which smb 1.0 to both nas's.
Currently the data transfer rate is only 10MB/s so about 1/4th of the transfer rate i reached even though i had to use the bottleneck of a USB 3.0 connection.

The copy command is given after drive mapping both nasses to the windows machine and then copy / past, is there a better solution?
is the win10 machine the source? ifso what would be the best approach to take out the influence of this machine on the transfer rate.
would a dirct command from the one nas to the other via the terminal be a better approach?

I looked at this website to see if i could change some win10 settings to improve the transfer rate..:
but changed settings only decreased the rate from 10MB/s to 350KB/s

since 12TB of data needs to be transfered higher transfer speeds would be very welkom and i don't see any reason why this shouldn't be possible.

any help would be much appreaciated.


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SMB and many small file transfer is likely the limitation.
Look at the NAS tests using NASPT directory transfer. you are right in the ball park.

Maybe FTP is possible ?

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