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nslookup problem in AX88U

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I have a problem with nslookup, one of my custom scripts started failing when I switched from AC88U to AX88U.

I use a script to update my DNS records when the public IP changes. I used "nslookup $domain_name ns1.gandi.net" to detect if there is a change in the DNS record. As an example, the "nslookup www.google.es ns1.gandi.net" command shows the following results in an AX88U and an AC88U:

dcrypt@RT-AC88U-xxxx:/tmp/home/root# nslookup www.google.es ns1.gandi.net
Address 1: ns-1-a.gandi.net

Name: www.google.es
Address 1: 2a00:1450:4003:811::2003 mad07s25-in-x03.1e100.net
Address 2: mad07s25-in-f3.1e100.net

dcrypt@RT-AX88U-xxxx:/tmp/home/root# nslookup www.google.es ns1.gandi.net
Address 1:

nslookup: bad address 'ns1.gandi.net'

AX88U firmware version is v3004.388.4 and AC88U firmware version is v386.11


EDIT: updated AC88U to v386.12 and still works, as in v386.11

EDIT2: just in case it's relevant, AX88U is primary router, AC88U is an AiMesh node

EDIT3: ping resolves correctly both www.google.es and ns1.gandi.net

EDIT4: nslookup doesn''t work either if I use the IP address instead, but with a different error:

dcrypt@RT-AX88U-xxxx:/tmp/home/root# nslookup www.google.es
Address 1:

nslookup: can't resolve 'www.google.es'

EDIT5: it looks like the DNS query to ns1.gandi.net doesn't work because www.google.es is not managed by Gandi; nslookup with my own domain name works ONLY when using the IP address, not with ns1.gandi.net. However, in AC88U, all combinations (www.google.es ns1.gandi.net, www.google.es, etc) works.

EDIT6: is it possible that entware packages change nslookup behaviour? the version is the same in both routers (v1.25.1), though
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