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Orbi RBR50v2 on Voxel V9. rc.user file deleted in mnt/ntgr folder after reboot

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New Around Here

I am trying to create a rc.user file in mnt/ntgr/ folder as the QuickStart guide suggests for V2 Orbis, but the file is deleted on reboot. I noticed the bitdefender folder isn't inside the mnt folder either but if I try to create it, this is also deleted upon reboot. I have tried creating both a folder and file inside mnt/ntgr and neither will remain after reboot.

I'm not completely across linux-based OS, but I noticed when I cd to the mnt folder, my command line changes it to /tmp/mnt . Is this supposed to happen?

I don't know how to make the files stick. I've logged in as root to do all of this as I noticed my admin login I use for GUI doesn't have permissions.

PS: Inside the mnt/ntgr folder is a https_cert folder which persists on reboot. Unsure if this means anything.

this is a bit or my SSH output from initial login as root
root@RBR50:/bin# cd ..
root@RBR50:/# cd mnt
root@RBR50:/tmp/mnt# cd ntgr
root@RBR50:/tmp/mnt/ntgr# ls

I was originally on the V9. FW and had the same issue, so I thought updating to the latest may fix things, but it hasn't.

Am I missing a step to make files stay in the ntgr folder?

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