please eli5 merlin vpn client basics


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I think have a fairly good general understanding of what a vpn is and why it's a good idea to use one. There are two (and probably many more) things about using the vpn client that I just can't get my head around. I hope this is a very short thread, I quickly apologise for wasting everyone's time and I go away feeling like an id10t yet again. :) (I did stfw etc but everything I found is either far too advanced for me or something I already understand. I did not read the source.)

The vpn gui allows creation of up to five client instances. Suppose I do that plain vanilla. What decides which instance is active, and how do I switch among them or are they all active all the time?

I see periods where ip's I expect to match are different. It seems highly unlikely that it has anything to do with the firmware but when I upgrade versions (dirty -I know) seems to be when the general behaviour switches from "match" to "no match" or vice-versa. What I mean here is that the router gui vpn client page reports that a client instance is "
" but ipleak reports "
. Shouldn't these be the same?


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Thank you for your suggestion.


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