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Problems with Repeater mode and clients connection to Wifi

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So I have a bit of a issue with wifi clients connecting to a ASUS RT-AC86U in repeater mode. I will try to lay it out.

So I have a Asus RT-AC88U as the router. Its running the latest Melin firmware. I have a RT-AC86U in a garage that connects to the main wifi on 2.4ghz. It then plugs into a switch with cameras and a server in the garage. They work perfectly. All wired devices connect with no issues at all. But when a computer that is on wifi to the repeater router it does not get a IP address and does not connect to the internet. I have tried creating different wifi names and tried different security setting (from Open to WPA2). To add more confustion, when I first set this up it worked fine, after a couple of days it stopped. When I decided to move to Merlin because I thought it would stabilize it. It worked for a day like that and stopped. I have tried rebooting all devices and routers. That does not help. The repeater can ping the internet.

Here are a couple of shots of the repeater setup.


  • 1.JPG
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  • 2.JPG
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Wanted to add a couple more pictures and the syslog


  • 6.JPG
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  • syslog.txt
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I am on the same boat as you. I spent a lot of hours and found out that, in repeater mode, only 4 wireless devices are allowed to connect no matter what firmwares. Only the first four devices get ip and connection. Now, I need to use AC86U in media bridge mode and another router in AP mode. What a waste of money and electricity!
How did you find out about this? This really sucks if that's the case. Can anybody confirm that only four devices can connect at any one time when its in Repeater mode?
I have 6 devices and used ac86u repeater mode. Tried both Merlin and stock, old and lastest firmwares. Same result. Only random first 4 devices can connect. The router is Telus T3200M modem wifi router. I tried all different settings on router as well. No help.

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