upgrading router from GT-AC5300 to ZenWifi AX (XT8)

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currently i stay in 3 floored town home with Two GT-AC5300 routers which is placed in 2nd floor and 3rd floor and are connected each other with wired ethernet backhaul and are in Aimesh configuration
currently there are about 45 devices being connected to both the routers (security cameras, alexa devices tv, laptops ipads etc). except in my garage ( 2.4 ghz signal is better then 5ghz signal) all other areas i have full 100% connection.
i am planning to upgrade these 2 routers to mesh device ZenWifi AX (XT8) and connect both satellite and router using ethernet backhaul
Am i going in right step of upgrading the router or is the technology same behind both the devices ( GT-AC5300, ZenWifi AX (XT8))
Am i taking the right step to upgrade the router or not ?

Please give me suggestions

PS: i dont have any latest AX client devices yet


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First of all, I think your current router and node is enough for now as you don't have Wifi 6 devices yet.

The choosing of XT8 will be recommend if you just want to use wireless backhaul.

If not, your GT-AC5300 still the best to keep using.

After this, if you want to upgrade phone, just get the Wifi 6E supported devices and get Wifi 6E router like GT-AXE11000.


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"all other areas I have full 100% connection."

Save your money. :)

You're set to ride out the current batch of AX routers and can jump right into Wi-Fi 6E (if it proves worthwhile, of course) next summer/fall.

So, now where will you spend your cash? :D


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My two cents ;-)

1 cent:
Stay far away from the XT8. I am returning mine today after extensive troubleshooting with Asus and myself. Waste of my precious time! LoL

2 cent:
Yeah, no need to upgrade right now, listen to the replies here.
Wait for the 6E routers to come. They are almost here.
Current implementation of 160 MHz is junk. You "need" the next gen - 6E

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