wifi issue with 386.2_4 (Asus RT-AX88U)

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Have RPi3b on 2.4gzh. Never had any issues.
But recently it was un-responsive, did not do its tasks, and unable to SSH to check - but still AX88U reported it as connected on wifi.

Settings on 2.4ghz is WPA2, 20/40mhz, with auto-channel, (no auto for ch 12,13) and the router had selected ch 9 (in yellow).

Changed the channel to manually ch1, the RPi3b now respond on SSH - and works as it should again.

This happend after update to 386.2_4. Some firewall/port problems in AX88U which blocks sometimes?


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Firewall only for WAN


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For years it has been recommended to run 2.4 GHz at 20 MHz on a fixed channel (1, 6 or 11). Also disable Airtime Fairness and Universal Beamforming in Professional settings.

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